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Living Rock Series - SOLD OUT!

When I first arrived in Aztec, NM in 1992, I was drawn to visit  Aztec Ruins in the middle of winter when no one else was around. As I explored the Great Kiva and the maze of small rooms, I felt like I was not alone. Spirits of the ancient Anasazi people who lived there so long ago flooded my conciousness.


Indian faces and figures emerge from the rocks of the ruins as I feel  their spirits still remain there. I hold the belief as do Native Americans that everything is alive...even the rocks.



However, Limited Edition prints are available of the 1st image, "Visitation of the Hopi Spirits". It is an edition of 300 for the 18" x 24" size and an edition of 700 for the 8" x 10" size.

Sold through Fine Art America (aka Products include Prints, Face Masks, T-shirts, Baby Onesies, Totes, Phone Cases, Portable Battery Chargers, Pouches, Pillows, Coffee Mugs, Greeting Cards, Notebooks, Tank Tops,

& Sweat Shirts

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