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Water, Altitude, & Atmosphere

Lakes, rivers, oceans, and the vast sky...we couldn't survive without them, and I wouldn't want to if I could! These are the things I draw strength from when I need to heal from the inside out. Quite a variety of sizes exist in this, my newest series.

Click on the image to get more information on a piece or acquire it.

Spiritual Reawakening Native no white.jpg
Spiritual Reawakening
Rhythm of Sea and Sky Native no white.jpg
The Rhythm of Sea & Sky
Tempestuous Waters Native no white.jpg
After the Storm Native no white.jpg
After the Storm
Ultimate High Native no white.jpg
Ultimate High
Early Bird Native.jpg
Early Bird
Tempestuous Waters
Jewel of the Lake no white.jpg
Jewel of the Lake
Serene Sunrise 8x8.jpg
Lake Lace Native.jpg
Serene Sunrise
Delicate Undulations no white .jpg
Lake Lace
Delicate Undulations
Mountain Majesties Native.jpg
Tropical Paradise Native.jpg

Tropical Paradise

Mountain Majesties
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