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Electricity runs through this set of Orea Banner Butterflies! Original 12" x 24" x 1.5" acrylic painting on high quality gallery-wrapped canvas. Coated wire and hardware on the back make it ready to hang. Each piece ( I or II) may be acquired separately at $305. If you acquire as a set, the price goes down a little. FREE SHIPPING!

Electric Flight Set Originals

SKU: 60321 & 60322
Sales Tax Included
  • Generally, acrylic paintings do not need to be cleaned, but should you want to remove dust, please gently use a CLEAN, NEW, DRY cloth. Should you accidentally get an oily substance on the painting, immediately use a clean cloth dampened with water and a tiny amount of Dawn dish soap to remove it. DO NOT SCRUB! Follow with a clean, cloth dampened with only water to remove dish soap residue.

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