This painting was the inspiration for my Fight or Flight series. I did it in art school, then came home and trashed it because I liked the painting underneath that my professor made me paint over because it wasn't non-objective. My mom saved it from the trash and hung it in her living room until she passed away. Over the years, the piece grew on me and is now one of my favorites. Original 44" x 33"  x 1.25" acrylic painting on canvas. Simple black wooden frame that is 1.25" deep and 1" on the front. Wire on the back makes this piece ready to hang.

Tropical Paradise

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  • Generally, acrylic paintings do not need to be cleaned, but should you want to remove dust, please gently use a CLEAN, NEW, DRY cloth. Should you accidentally get an oily substance on the painting, immediately use a clean cloth dampened with water and a tiny amount of Dawn dish soap to remove it. DO NOT SCRUB! Follow with a clean, cloth dampened with only water to remove dish soap residue.