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SOLD Permanent Collection of Peter and Mary Kay Steele of La Porte, Indiana


Under this painting is another painting. My Non-objective Painting professor at Kendall College of Art & Design, Robert Divita, made me paint over a gorgeous painting (to my mind and those of my classmates) because “it looked like people dancing through an African landscape”, and the point of the class was not to include objects in your paintings. I begged him to let me buy another canvas so that I could save the initial painting, but he wouldn’t have it. I was extremely frustrated, but decided to make the best (or worst) of it and do as he asked. Once I started to paint over the original work and realized that it was lost, I painted with complete abandon. I painted furiously, applying massive texture with no regard for how much paint I used or what I was doing. There was no limit to the use of color and tools with which to apply the material. This is the resulting painting.

Tropical Paradise Original

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